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how- to- work -with  gupod groupbuying
1) Group leader: The group leader is the first person who initiates the group purchase and completes the payment.

2) Start a group: After the group leader selects the product and the payment is completed, the group purchase will start immediately.

3) Join the group: After the group leader or the members of the other group have paid successfully, if the group is not full, you can invite their friends to join the group purchase. Friends can click on the link to enter the group purchase page to quickly join the group .

4) Invite friends: After the group leader or group member participates in the group purchase, when the number of people is insufficient, you can invite more friends to participate through the link of the sharing group.

5) Order issue: After the payment for group purchase products is successful, the order cannot be cancelled. Think twice!

6) Successful group joining: If the number of group purchases is reached within 24 hours after the opening of the group, the group joining is successful, and Xiaoxi will arrange the delivery for you immediately.

7) Quick group formation: The system will recommend groups that have not successfully joined the group on the group purchase details page to help the group leader and group members to form a group quickly. You can join the group purchase group quickly.

8) Failed to join the group: If the number of participants is not full within 24 hours after the start of the group, the group will be a failed group. The system will automatically refund you. The refund will be returned according to the original route. The refund will be delayed and cannot arrive in time If you do not receive the refund information, please contact the issuing bank.

9) Coupon points: Depending on the nature of the product, coupons and points can be used for some group purchase products, and some vouchers can only be used for group purchase products.

10) Purchase restriction policy: Depending on the nature of the product, some products can be purchased multiple times. However, each group product can only be purchased at most one at a time. The purchase quantity cannot be modified. Xiji Global Purchase has the right to target individual users who use group buying to generate improper transactions (the same account, the same mobile phone number, email address and the same ID card have multiple improper purchases of such goods) and the right to revoke their purchases. Transaction order.

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